Newspaper Clippings

Past Due has 10 tunes — all of them serene, gorgeous and largely local...
Charlene Arsenault,
Worcester Magazine, April 20, 2006

The CD includes: Blackstone Valley, Union Station, The Last Waltz at Enfield, Spirit and other new songs you're sure to enjoy.   Check out the Music/CD page for early samples of these new songs.  CDs are available here on our website, at concerts.

Thank you Scott McLennan for the article in the Sunday Telegram April 16 edition (see it below).  We appreciate your comments, your support and your effort.  We do hope you enjoy the CD.

Also, Thank You Charlene Arsenault for your review in the April 20 edition of Worcester Magazine.  It was very positive and supportive.  She has good taste in music!

We are pleased to announce that Plainfolk was the winner of the "Write-In Vote" in the Roots/Country/Folk category of Worcester Magazine's Turtle Boy 2006 Music Awards.  A big thank you to all you Plainfolkies out there who made the effort to register your vote.  We appreciate it!

What does Plainfolk have in common with Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Dave Mathews, Kiss, Black Sabbath and Bill Monroe?  Read the article published in Jan 13th, 2005 edition of Worcester Magazine (see it below) to find out.  For us to be included with such greats reminds us of that old song - "On the cover of Rolling Stone".   And as they said in the movie Wayne's World - "We're not worthy" - but thank you Brian Goslow!

And finally, Plainfolk has retired our vast and expensive snail mail Plainfolk Alert list in favor of free electronic communications over the web.  Get on our new email list to stay informed of upcoming Plainfolk concerts so you don't mistakenly show up someplace we're appearing - unless you want to of course.  Just submit your email address to us on the Contact Info page and we'll do the rest.

Well, that's about it for now.  Keep an eye on our schedule.  We hope to see you soon!